MAXWELL RESOURCES, INC. (MAXE -- OTC Pink) is a publicly traded oil and gas company located in Dallas, Texas. Maxwell Resources is focused on locating, acquiring, and developing low risk, high return potential oil and gas projects in East Texas, South Texas and is prospecting in the Raton Basin Area of North Eastern New Mexico, where Maxwell Resources currently owns a 5-year hard mineral lease.

In November 2014, Maxwell Resources, Inc. came under new management and is proud of its first of many exciting company benchmark accomplishments measured against the short-term and long-term plans built to execute the company's strategic objectives. Maxwell Resources has established a clear direction to become a sustainable oil and gas company by presenting a focused business plan and establishing the strategic objectives required to achieve the goals set forth in the business plan.

Maxwell Resources, as demonstrated in its early achievements under its new leadership, maintains the foundational commitment to follow the detailed business plan to realize the company's strategic objectives. By applying expertise, and a commitment to succeed, leadership is confident in its ability to develop a sustainable future in the oil and gas sector.

In adhering to the strategic plan, due diligence is underway on multiple other prospective oil and gas projects. While Maxwell seeks its 'centerpiece' project with large acreage and vast opportunities for both Gas and Oil exploration and production, current prospects under evaluation range from medium to large size production results based on the initial findings.

"My absolute belief is that delivering value to our shareholders is paramount; therefore, we continue our relentless pursuit of success by locating and developing oil and gas projects that fit our metrics. We believe our future is bright and is clearly in progress in a powerful way." - Mike Edwards, Chief Executive Officer