Maxwell Resources' Goal: Exploration of the Raton Basin for Coking Coal and Valuable Metals Reserves

Northern New Mexico's Raton Basin has incredible potential as a great source of coking coal, gold and silver.

The United States Geological Survey has studied the region and found its potential to be little short of phenomenal.

The USGS gives this glowing report about coal in this area:

"...coal from the Raton field has high heating values, is of high rank, yields a high-quality coke, and may be of greater economic importance than coal from other, larger fields. The coal is all high-volatile A to B bituminous rank." - Source: "Geology and Coal Resources of the Raton Coalfield," Pillmore 1991, USGS Bulletin, No. 1972

Maxwell Resources plans to prove up on the coal, gold and silver within the basin, pinpointing the sites that will result in the largest return on investment.

Preliminary reports indicate that we control a significant amount of potential coal resources within our boundaries.